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What is an Eviction Guarantee?

Conrad Klein Property Management offers our Charlotte landlords an industry leading Eviction Guarantee. In short... if we approve a rental application on your home and have to evict that applicant within 12 months, we will cover all court costs and filing fees associated with evicting the tenant.

So what does this mean to you as a Charlotte area landlord?

You can be confident in knowing you have trained property management professionals on your side who have a vested interest in the long-term success of your rental property! Part of our job as property managers is having the expertise in examining prospective tenants' credit worthiness, background, employment, past rental history, income, etc. You won't have to rely on fumbling through an application process, wondering whether you missed an important detail, or being liable for state laws and timelines. Our multi-step process includes a thorough screening, collection of the tenants' security deposit (held in our state approved trust account), a fully executed lease agreement with clear terms and expectations, verification of your new tenant(s) renter's insurance, a move-in inspection, and numerous other measures ensuring your peace of mind. Our process is in-depth and many applicants do not pass our screening. But we believe in the end it is beneficial to you as a landlord, and us as property managers to only approve applicants who will pay on time and not create headaches down the road.

So whether your home is in Charlotte, Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Huntersville or the surrounding areas - Let Conrad Klein Property Management take the guesswork out of property management for you! Your success is our success.

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