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Covid 19 & It's Impact on the Charlotte Rental Market

We wanted to provide a quick update to our Charlotte Landlord clients regarding the effects of Covid 19 on the rental market in Charlotte.  Please take a moment to watch the quick video below.


- Showings have declined

- Tenants are reaching out with concerns about future income/employment

- Our Staff is working from home

- We are analyzing current vacancies for how to best position properties in the marketplace

Rest assured that at this point, no major shift has taken place. Please keep in mind that the real estate market tends to lag the general economy. We may not witness the effects for a month or two. We will keep our clients up-to-date with any significant shifts that we see here on the ground.

We appreciate your support of our small business and entrusting us with your property management needs. Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or concerns. Our staff is working remotely, so please forgive any delay in response.

If you know of any landlord in need of our services we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help.

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